McKinley Makes History

The McKinley School History Project  
The history project began with a concern to archive, record and preserve the local history for current and future members of our community.  Old vintage photos and records had been saved over the years. During the 100th year celebration in 1989 many stories were collected.  Beginning with simple stories of local farmers and their families, it grew into a larger community history.

 History Project Team
Judy Taccogna, former principal of McKinley, and Annie Pleau, present principal, made plans for 2014 when McKinley would celebrate 125 years.  Robin Case, Carolyn Weaver, and Ginny Mapes, joined  them along with key staff members Gretchen Miller, Sean Sullivan and Clint Kelley.   

Future Generations
Students of today are historians of tomorrow as narratives, drawings and photos are collected and preserved.  These materials will show children of the future what life is like today.

Looking at Long Ago
This website has been created to show what has been collected over the years in hopes that more information will be coming from the community. School information covers 125 years, from 1889—2014.  Local history of the area goes way back in time to the Dustin land claim of 1852. This is the land where McKinley school was built. Going back even more, brief histories of the Atfalati, through the trappers and the beaver trade are also included. 

Stories, vintage photos, memoirs, drawings, and artifacts are welcome.  We can scan your photos and return them to you  Share your thoughts and make history with us.  Webmaster’s email is on the right along with the school address and phone.  We would love to copy your photos, or feel free to email any scanned copies.

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History Websites 

 Washington County Museum

The Oregon Historical Society

            McKinley Continues to Make History      in Beaverton, Oregon

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Celebrating the 125th Birthday Party for McKinley School:

Judy Taccogna former McKinley principal; Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle; Annie Pleau present-day McKinley principal; and Greg Colton, president of the PTM, (Parents and Teachers for McKinley.