The One-room School Grows

Student population grows along with the teacher’s salary average $30-$35-$37.

1890     22 students        $35 a month for three months

1895                               Teacher Hannah Anderson notes water had to be carried some distance.

1900     43 students

1902                              $40 Tax vote to add 12 foot addition to east end of building passes.

1903                              $50

1907                              Teacher reports, “Have been burning stumps and clearing school grounds.”

1908      82  students     Monthly enrollment 16 boys and 28 girls

1911      89 students    $65-$75 Money from county spent on ink, brooms, wood, matches and pens.

1913                            $85

Walking to School at McKinley

Most of the students walked to school—some for more than a mile. The roads were rough rock, dirt and mud. In the winter some of the parents would bring their children to school in their family farm wagon.

Ethnic Groups of Early McKinley

“One term when I went to McKinley there were 38 pupils. There was one boy of Danish descent and one girl of English descent, the rest were from Swiss and German families.”  Learning to speak, read, and write English was the main reason most students attended school. Arithmetic was also important.    

Walter Stucki former student and later school board member for many years.

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McKinley School Building with the 12 foot Addition on the East End.