1944 New Addition With Basement

A large new addition along the south side complete with a full basement was added in 1944 to the existing 1916 building. For the first time two teachers were hired. Mrs. Mary Hill taught primary. Mrs. Frieda Rothschild, upper grade and was the acting principal. The old belfry and bell were removed and replaced with a new electric buzzer. New addition costs $4,100.

A new well was drilled. The new kitchen in the basement had an electric range installed, electric hot water heater, and the building had electric lighting.

“When they added that large second room, then we got indoor plumbing. . .Before that they were outside.”

1944-45 “A big forest behind the school. The teacher would take us into it to see what we could find.”Conversation with Marianne Krautscheid Hemstreet, at McKinley dedication of new wing, April 16, 2009 (Judy Taccogna).

School Board Members: Walter Stucki, Margie Courtwright, Gottfried Krautscheid. Clerk: Jesse Hansen

J.P. Meurer was hired as the first regular custodian in 1947-1948.

McKinley continued with two rooms into the 1950s.

Photo below shows Charlie Trachsel and Clara Trachsel Smith taken in 1962 when the old building was used for band class.


                                                                                Oregon Historical Society, # 71154

1944 New Wing Added with a Full Basement

1944 New Addition

  1. -Bell removed

  2. -Buzzer added

  3. -Two teachers

  4. -Indoor plumbing

  5. -Full Basement

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