1957 “Modern” Building

1957 McKinley Core of Contemporary Building Was Constructed. Modern, three classroom building, restrooms, and a boiler room was completed. Staff included three teachers and a principal.  The old 1916 school building was kept and later band classes were offered there.

Forgotten Bell Found

The McKinley school bell, that had been removed in 1944 and forgotten, was found in a barn by a former McKinley principal, Darrel Wilson.

“...the modern school was built and the original bell was placed out front for display.”

More acres were added when the new school building was built in 1957. Gloria Fishback

McKinley site now was 7.86 acres.

July 1, 1960 — McKinley District # 81 joins Beaverton District #48. During these years Darrel Wilson and Bill Winthers were part-time acting principals sharing duties with several local schools.

1962 —Three classrooms added, multipurpose room (present cafeteria), kitchen, boiler room and office.  Bob Cheadle became the first-full time principal. Old 1916 school house was eventually torn down.


Old McKinley Bell Found Added to New Building

Forgotten Bell Found

  1. -1957 New modern three classroom building

  2. -Old bell placed out front

1960 Joins Beaverton