Atfalati People Walked This Land

For thousands of years the Atfalati people of this area lived in communities sharing a simple life. Traveling during their spring and summer camp migrations, walking up and over what would become known as the Tualatin Mountains, from the river to the open plains they were searching, gathering, processing, and storing food they collected to last through the winter.   Camas bulbs were used for food, shared and traded as gifts.  They called themselves the Atfalati people. As they came in contact with trappers and traders, the name changed over the years and eventually became Tualati — or the Tualatin Indians. They were a peaceful people.

Found artifacts—arrowheads, bird points, bowls, pestles, grinding tools, hide scrapers show an early people who lived and prospered here.

Camas bulbs (right) were used by the indigenous people for food, shared and traded as gifts.

Wapato roots were eaten roasted. Dried roots were pounded into meal cakes.