1949 McKinley Celebrates 60 Years

Albert & Anna Keehn

In the photo above, Albert Keehn, (left)  is 85, and his wife, Anna is 76.

Julius & Elizabeth Foege

In the photo above, Julius Foege, (right) is 89 years old. His wife, Elizabeth, is 84.


Julius lived to be 95.  His wife, Elizabeth, lived to be 101. See photo below, Elizabeth age 100.


Elizabeth Foege celebrated her 100th birthday in 1966 in the home her husband, Julius Foege, built for her 75 years ago. She is holding her Bible.  On the wood stove is a sadiron which she still uses, “Once in awhile for small things.”    

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McKinley School 60th Reunion Attracts Over 300 Alums in 1949

  1. -Pot-luck Luncheon Served Cafeteria Style In School Basement

  2. -Tables Set up on Lawn

  3. -Short Program

Pictures Displayed

Records Available

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