1965  Growing, Growing, Growing

McKinley was a country school.  When the Wolf Creek highway was developed into the Sunset Highway, the commute to Portland became a much easier, quicker trip. Working in the city, but being able to live in the country was the American dream.  An arial view shows McKinley school, fields, forest and 185th.  Lots of room to grow—and so it did!

1965 Thirteen Classrooms Added

In 1965— 13 classrooms, restrooms, gym, dressing rooms, stage, and storage rooms were added. However it was not until 1967 that the last six rooms from the 1965 addition were finished.

1969 Greenhouse Built for Environmental Studies

1971 Library Constructed Between the Wings

1972 Four Generations Who Have Attended McKinley Were Honored


McKinley —Country School—Growing Rapidly

Frank Louis Lichty, (seated) 91-year old native son born in 1881.  He was eight when he started McKinley in 1889. The teacher was his 17-year old sister, Ella.

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Frank was honored at McKinley’s Parent and Teacher’s Organization on October 30, 1972. 

Frank’s son, George Lichty, attended McKinley in 1912.  George’s daughter, Mrs. Nila Sickinger, attended in 1940s.  Her son, Robert Sickinger, was a sixth grader, in 1972. 

Map of 1965 Show the Frank L. Lichty land, located in the lower center of the map. 1964 Map

Jane Hoy photo

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